Arbella Stewart as a Toddler
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Arbella Stuart Life and Death

Lady Arbella Stuart was born in 1575 and she was the only child of Charles Stuart and Elizabeth Cavendish. Arbella’s father died when she was still an infant. She was brought up single handed by her mother. Unfortunately, her mother also passed away when Arbela was just seven. She then passed into the custody of Sir William Cecil.

Arbella Stuart Early Life at Hardwick Hall


For most of her life, Arbella lived at Hardwick Hall. This was her maternal grandmother’s house. Elizabeth Talbot or Bess of Hardwick was the mother of Elizabeth Cavendish due to her marriage to Sir William Cavendish.

Arbella Stuart
Arbella Stuart

Arbella was kept sheltered from the court life. She was brought up in the countryside and was taken on regular yearly visits to the Queen. This was an arrangement that was made by the Queen herself.

For a long time, Arbella was considered to be the next logical choice for the throne after Elizabeth I. However, the Cecils shifted their attention towards James I for such an important post and finally, he ascended the throne.

There were some controversies and some schemes were planned to overthrow James and position Arbella as the Queen but she refused to participate in this controversy and instead reported the complete scheme to James.

Arbella Stuart Marriage

There were many options and choices for Arbella’s marriage. She was considered to be the logical heir to the throne for a very long time and that made it very important for her to marry a proper suitor. There were many high ranking lords and dukes who were interested in her but the Queen did not permit any of those choices.

Arbella Stewart as a Toddler
Arbella Stewart as a Toddler

There was also a rumor that the Pope had decided that Arbella should get married to the Pope’s brother and he had decided to defrock his brother for the marriage. However, it did not happen.

Perhaps the most ardent of Arbella’s suitors was William Seymour. Arbella also had some affectionate feelings for Seymour. It is rumored that Arbella had tried to elope with him and had run away from home in the disguise of a guy. However, Seymour never met her at their destined place and therefore the plan did not succeed.

What is Arabella Stuart Death Place and what was the cause of her death?

However, it is said that they did get married but they were never allowed to get together and Arbella was trapped in the Tower of London where she starved herself to death pining for her husband.

Arbella Stuart Marriage
Arbella Stuart

There have been suggestions that Arbella had porphyria. Porphyria was the same disease George III and Mary, Queen of Scots are believed to have suffered from. Her physical and mental symptoms were similar to what is caused by porphyria.

These include abdominal pain, vomiting, seizures, and paranoia. Arbella Stuart grave is in Westminster Abbey, London.

Arbella Stuart Letters

Arbella’s life was romantic enough that plenty of literary fictions and novels are portrayed around her character or her life story. Many of Arbella’s letters have also been preserved and published.

Arbella Stuart Ghost stories have been rumored. However, if you are a rational person, it is difficult to believe in such ghost stories.

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