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Christopher Columbus 1492 Short Biography

Christopher Columbus, an Italian explorer was born in the year 1451 and sailed across the Atlantic Ocean in the year 1492 hoping he would find a route to India so that it could be a route to trade for spices. In total, he made 4 trips to the Caribbean and South America between 1492 and 1504.

Not only is he known as the Italian explorer, he is also known as a colonizer and a navigator. He was born in North Western Italy, what was formerly known as Catholic Monarchs of Spain. Christopher Columbus embarked on a career as a seafarer at the age of fourteen and later supported himself by selling maps and charts. Even though he made three return trips west, Christopher Columbus never actually stepped foot on the mainland of North America.

Christopher Columbus Early Life

From an early age, Christopher Columbus worked on war ships and merchants as a sailor in the Mediterranean Sea. In the year 1476, he travelled to Lisbon- Portugal. There, he learnt Mathematics and Astronomy and such subjects which were primarily useful for navigation. Way in early 1480’s, Christopher Columbus began to search for someone who could sponsor his expedition to Asia.

Christopher Columbus 1492 Short Biography
He wanted to establish by evidence that his theory of getting to Asia would be faster and much simpler if they sailed west along the Atlantic Ocean as opposed to the longer route which they took around Africa into the Indian Ocean. For many years together, the King of Portugal had blatantly refused the idea put forth by Columbus. But he was never discouraged. He went to try his luck in Spain.

Christopher Columbus Achievements

His first acquaintance was Queen Isabella I in 1486. Then, in the month of April 1492, King Ferdinand V and his wife, Isabella came to sign an agreement with Columbus in which they consented to sponsor his expedition. According to this deal, Columbus would be named admiral, become the governor of any lands he discovered, and receive a tax-free ten percent share of any riches found in the new lands.

Christopher Columbus 1492 Short Biography

Christopher Columbus Voyages

Today, what is probably regarded as one of the most significant voyages, in history, that was something of a complete failure. He had undertaken the promise to find a new, speedy path to the Chinese trade marketplace but in the end, he wasn’t able to do so.

Instead of getting back sacks full of Chinese Silks and spices, he had returned from his voyage with some trinkets and a few natives. In addition to that, he had lost the largest of the three ships that were handed over to him. In spite of the failure of the first expedition to find spices or gold, a much larger second expedition was approved, perhaps in part due to Columbus’ skills as a salesman.

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