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Elizabeth Serenade by Composer Ronald Binge

Elizabeth Serenade is one of the most popular works of Ronald Binge, a British composer. Binge was born on 1910 July at Derby. His father was a popular pianist. He was a cinema organist in the beginning and later started working in summer orchestras in British seaside resorts.

Mantovani Elizabethan Serenade


He played the piano in Tipica Orchestra, Mantovani’s first band. He loved both the technicalities of composition and original composing. He invented the cascading strings effect much used by the Mantovani orchestra.

Elizabeth Serenade by Composer Ronald Binge

It was originally created to capture the of the echo properties of a building such as a cathedral. He joined the RAF on the outbreak of the Second World War and took charge of the choir at his station in Blackpool.

Compositions of Ronald Binge

Spitfire in 1940 was the first of his compositions. His other works were Entry of the Robots, Red Sombrero Farewell Waltz, Coffee Cup Chatter, Mischievous Mac, Summer Madness, High Stepper, Flash Harry, Frugal Fun, For harp and strings, Dance of the Snowflakes, Venetian Carnival, the prelude,

Elizabeth Serenade by Composer Ronald Binge

The Whispering Valley, For piano and strings, Snakes and Ladders, Tales of the Three Blind Mice, Trade Winds, sets of variations on The Carnival of Venice, Cockles and Mussel, The Keel Row and so on. He died of liver cancer at Hampshire in 1979.

Elizabeth Serenade Facts

Elizabeth serenade, the most famous of his compositions was born in 1951. It was originally titled ‘serenade’. This was used by the British Broadcasting Corporation as the theme for the “Music Tapestry” series and as the play-out for the British Forces Network radio station. It won the Ivor Novello award.

Elizabethan Serenade Reggae

This work was a success in Germany and South Africa. In the 1970s, a reggae version by Boris Gardiner & The Love People called Elizabethan Reggae was released. Almost all of the compositions of Ronald Binge including Elizabeth serenade are available online.

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