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Jacobean Tables

What is Jacobean Table?


The early furniture design and style of the Jacobean period was very much influenced by the Tudor fashion. The Jacobean tables like other furniture pieces were very strong, heavy and were made to last for several years. Tables were used either as dinner tables or side tables.

Jacobean tables and chairs
Jacobean tables and chairs

Jacobean Revival Furniture

Oak and Pine were mainly the hardwoods used for making tables. The importance of having a table in the house increased during this period. Also, there were certain modifications made to the over-all look of the table. For instance, the width of the tabletop was increased during the reign of King James I.

Jacobean Tables

Jacobean Furniture Characteristics

The furniture was massive in size and shape. The carvings upon them were, however, simple. The woods were often painted and sometimes gilded. Pine and oak were the most common types of wood used. Sometimes, more exotic woods were used to build cabinets.

Pear woods and ebony were used for decorations. Jacobean furniture can be recognized from their marked perpendicularly. The legs and tabes and chairs were severely perpendicular. Jacobean tables were similar to Elizabethan ones in many ways.

Jacobean dining tables
Jacobean dining tables

The legs of the tables were initially bulb-turned. Later, they evolved into a more simpler form, called baluster form. In this form, the rails were curved in lunette or arabesque pattern.

About Jacobean Tables

Apart from that, a special feature of the Jacobean era tables was that the table top was made in such a way that it could be easily folded in two halves. Another typical characteristic of the tables made during this era was in respect to the table legs. The legs of the tables were perpendicular. In the early years of the Jacobean period, the table legs were bulb-turned. Melon bulb was a common style for Jacobean legs.

Jacobean Tables

The legs of a Jacobean table were even carved with beautiful designs. The Gate leg table was also invented during this era. This type of table was generally circular, rectangular or even elliptical in shape. Interestingly, the tables also contained drawers. This was a very unique feature of the Jacobean tables.

Jacobean Stain tables

These were simple wooden tables stained with different colours. They were not very popular in the Jacobean period.

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