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Roman Inventions – Britain

Below is a detailed article about Roman inventions in Britain. Let us see what all the Romans brought to Britain and how those inventions are still in use today.



Roman calendar
The Roman Calendar and its influence on the Gregorian calendar in use today.

The 30 and 31-day cycle of days that is used today is indeed inspired by the Roman times. Many iterations and changes have been made to the Roman calendar and are now the Gregorian calendar we use. The Roman calendar is also called the Julian Calendar.

The Census

The practice of counting the population and maintaining a record of this data is called census which was done during the Roman rule in Britain. It was a continued practice by many kings that came to Britain but was introduced by the Romans. It helps in studying the economy of an empire.


Ruins of the Wattling Street in England
Akeman Street – Roman Road in England
Stane Street – Roman Road in England

Roman Roadways in Britain are one of the most significant contributions of the Romans in Britain. Main roads still used in Britain such as trade routes in London and Kent are built by the Romans. The development of these straight and high-quality roads has given way to the increase of trade from these areas even after the Romans left. These roadways were strong and were also put on the map by the Romans.


The Londinium Bridge – Roman Bridge in England (Illustration)

There were no bridges in Britain before the Romans began to construct them. The existence of these new bridges connected cities and towns to each other and paved the way for business and innovation.

Indoor plumbing was invented by Romans

The concept of indoor plumbing inside villas and homes of the common people is borrowed from the Roman culture in Britain. This was already being practiced in Rome and was brought into Britain by the Romans.


These vegetables were grown in Roman fields and the seeds were brought by the Roman settlers and introduced in the English grounds. Cabbages, peas, and carrots are some of the vegetables brought by the Romans.

Police system

The Romans had a governor who appointed men for safety around small settlements. These were Roman policemen that worked for protection. After the Romans left, this concept was lost for a while in the Anglo Saxon era and was reintroduced out of need after the Norman era.

Military System

The Romans had a strong military system that was set up in Britain as well since they ruled Britain for 400 years. The military system too was lost in the Anglo Saxon era.


Cement is one of the most significant inventions of the Romans in Britain. Cement replaced many items at once and was one of the strongest constructing material. Due to the use of good quality cement in the Roman era, there are more than 100 Roman sites we get to see even today after over 2000 years of Roman Rule in Britain.

Heated Baths

A Roman Bath in England from the Roman Era

The concept of a long, luxurious and warm bath is a Roman concept brought by the Romans in Britain. The Baths are not in use today for its original purpose but can be seen as monuments in Britain.

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