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Facts about the Mary Rose ship in Tudor times

There have been several ships named as Mary Rose starting with the first ship Mary Rose during Tudor times.

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It was considered to be named after King Henry VIII’s sister Mary Tudor and the rose, which was a symbol of the Tudor dynasty. Overall, the Royal Navy has 9 ships named Mary Rose.

Facts about the Mary Rose ship in Tudor times
Mary Rose painting

Why is the Mary Rose famous?

Here is brief information about the other Mary Rose Ship (note that some people incorrectly call it Marie Rose ship, however, the correct name is Mary Rose).

Mary Rose ship facts

  • 1556 Mary Rose: 39-gun galleon which took part in the battles against the Spanish Armada in 1588.
  • 1623 Mary Rose 26-gun ship served in the Cádiz Expedition of 1625 and was wrecked off Flanders in 1650.
  • 1650 Mary Rose 32-gun ship in service until 1654.
  • 1654 Mary Rose 40-gun fourth rate launched as Maidstone and renamed after the Restoration in 1660. Served in 1669 Battle of Cádiz. French captured it in 1691.
  • 1799 HMS Mary Rose (previously the French ship Maria Rose) 4-gun brig captured in 1799 off Acre and was sold in 1801.
  • 1915 HMS Mary Rose Admiralty M-class destroyer which sunk in 1917 by the German cruisers SMS Bremse and SMS Brummer.
  • 1918 HMS Mary Rose which was sold in 1922.
    1943 HMS Mary Rose (J360) Algerine-class minesweeper which was broken up in 1957.
Mary Rose ship
What did the Mary Rose look like?

Information about what happened to the first Mary Rose ship and how its rock is being restored now.

In 1510, one of the largest ships in the English Navy that survived through more than three decades of wars came into being. It was named The Mary Rose by King Henry VIII and his flagship fought its first battle against the French in 1512.

Elizabethan Pirate Ships
Elizabethan Pirate Ships

On 19th July 1545, at the Battle of Solent, Mary Rose couldn’t hold onto itself while leading the attack on the French invasion fleet. Thereafter, the wreck of the Mary Rose lies undisturbed for almost three centuries.

Why the name of the ship was Mary Rose?

It is said that King Henry VIII named his flagship inspired by his favourite sister, Mary Tudor, and the rose to be the symbol of the Tudors.

However few historians say that there’s no evidence of the naming of the ship and it is named so because it was common to give ships Christian names. So it was more like the ship being named after the Virgin Mary.

What sank the Tudor Mary Rose ship?

How did the Mary Rose ship sink?

It is not exactly known what happened to cause the Mary Rose sink, however, it is said that she had fired all her guns from one side when a strong gust of wind hit the sails while turning to the other. Recent surveys also suggest that the ship was modified late in her career.

Facts about the Mary Rose ship in Tudor times

Another theory about Mary Rose sinking says that The Mary rose was overloaded with heavy guns or with extra soldiers when she sank. So maybe the strong gusts of wind have heeled her over into the sea.

When and where did Mary Rose sink?

The Mary Rose which was a Tudor warship, sank while leading an attack against the French fleet in 1545. It sank in the Solent.

Where is the Mary Rose ship now?

The Mary Rose museum is at Portsmouth which has been extensively restored. There are nine galleries that provide a view of the ship to the visitors. People can also take photographs from the desk and experience a specimen of Tudor technology.

Where was Mary Rose shipwreck? When was the Mary Rose raised?

In 1836, the wreck site was discovered by early pioneering divers, John, and Charles Deane. The identification of the wreck called for the huge public interest in the salvage operation and also caused a great demand of the artefacts that got buried with Mary Rose. However, they lost their location soon after that.

In 1965, a new search for the wreck began and The Mary Rose was discovered again with great efforts of a man called Alexander McKee. In 1978, the team formed the Mary Rose Trust with Prince Charles as president and full-time staffs were appointed to carry out the excavation of the ship.

MaryRose-ship hall
MaryRose-ship hall

In the process of excavation, more than 19000 artefacts were brought to the surface from 1979 to 1982. In 1982, the wreck was raised from the deep waters and was watched live on television by millions of people worldwide.

Mary Rose crew

When Mary Rose sank during its battle with the French fleet, almost 400 to 600 lives were lost with it. It included sailors, soldiers and workers of the ship. Some of them were quite young, even teenagers, as later researches have revealed.

How big was the Mary Rose?

It is believed that Mary Rose had the capacity to carry 400 men. However, it’s said that there were 700 men on the ship when it sank. Out of which less than 40 are believed to have survived.

Almost five centuries late, it was again raised from the depths of water and is kept at Drydock at Portsmouth.

Mary Rose ship artefacts
Mary Rose ship artefacts

How many Mary Rose Artifacts were found?

What was found on the Mary Rose?

Among the 19000 artefacts that were found from the wreck, the most exciting for the archaeologists were cannonballs which were believed to be early examples of armour-piercing rounds. Such shells were thought to have been developed during the late 1800s before the technology was refined during the world wars.

There were 27,831 dives made to the Mary Rose during the modern excavation project, equating to 22,710 hours on the seabed.

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