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What were Elizabethan Bull Ring Arenas?

Bull Rings are arenas where bull fighting takes place and the structure is that of an amphitheatre. The structure of the Bull Ring is made to look like and amphitheatre so as to get a stage and performance orientation and feel.

Architecture of Elizabethan Bullring

There are compartment denoting the entrance and exit of both the bull and the participants. Bull fighting or riding is a traditional and popular sport in Spain and it is one of the star attractions there as well.

Elizabethan Bull Ring Arenas

The area where the bullfight takes place, which is the bullring, is comprised of stones that have been crushed and mixed with clay and sand. The humidity adds to a slight saline sensation as well.

There are lot of bullrings all over the world, most of them being in Spain, but some are found in France and Portugal as well. The structural origin of a bullring originates from what we call the Elizabethan Theatres. However, bullrings are exclusive sport arenas, created to suit the needs of the sport.

Structure of Elizabethan Bullring

The bullrings keep up to the tradition of the classic roman attempt of bullfighting by exhibiting the bullring as an open plaza amidst a bowl like structure, with seating arrangement all around.

Elizabethan Bull Ring Arenas

The centre focus in the construction is the bullring, which is the arena, right in the middle. The seating arrangement is one with respect to the position of the sun during the afternoon shows and the price of the tickets will vary similarly.

The bull ring is created with certain narrow lanes where the player takes some cover and it is too narrow for the bull to approach. There are split areas in the bullring so as to avoid any collision while the bullfight is on. Many times, the military has used these bull rings and their entire structure as concentration camps.

Elizabethan Bull Ring Arenas Facts

The magnanimity of the structure was perfect for any kind of refuge or battle station. Bullrings are mostly elliptical, just like an amphitheatre, however, they maybe considerably larger than those where the plays were staged. Unlike rooms for actors, there were areas for the challengers and the bulls!

In modern bullrings, metallic fences have been grounded so as to prevent ant accidents and collision between the bull and the audience. There is a lot of enjoyment through this sport that is world famous and the structure of a bull ring is that of a heritage one. From Romans to Greeks, it has always been a magnificent from.

Elizabethan Bull Ring Arenas

Elizabethan Playhouses

Elizabeth Playhouses or historical buildings which Burbage bought from official executives of Thomas Cawarden were designed with a number of large and small sized private chambers, few yards, and cellars. This Playhouse became the cultural hub and it represents the elite society visited this playhouse for watching dramas and shows.

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