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Newington Butts Elizabethan Theater Newington Road in Southwark, London

The Newington-Butts Elizabethan Theatre was named after its location, the Newington road in Southwark, London. Butts are small heaps of mud used by archers to practice strike.

Small molds located along this stretch of roads were later replaced by the theatre. It was believed to have come up in use from 1580 onwards. Philip Henslowe is known to be the financer of this project.

Theater during Elizabethan Era

The Newington Butts was closed down almost around 1590 during the time of food riots. Many other theatres were closed down during this time. Resembling an amphitheater-like pattern Newington Butts Elizabethan Theatre came up as yet another most important Elizabethan Theatre.

The Theatre Elizabethan

The Roman architecture is what we get to notice even here as well- Built in an octagonal manner which opens in front of a large open yard, actually helped in accepting Newington Butts Elizabethan Theatre along with the other Elizabethan Theatres.

The stage was raised, with a few balcony structures getting added to the massive historical entertainment zone. The balconies were located so as it gave a wholesome view of the stage in front.

Theatre Elizabethan

The Newington Butts Elizabethan Theatre was in use and was mostly dominated by the presence of William Shakespeare. It was during his time that this Elizabethan Theatre was in use. But, not much can be said or told about this theatre.

The primary quality is its stark resemblance to early Amphitheatres and being a successor of the other Elizabethan Theatres. The problems shooting up in the society based on the entertainment provided by the inn-yards gave way for the quick replacement with the Elizabethan Theatres.

Newington Butts Elizabethan Theater

Burbage and others wanted to stick to the theatrical medium for entertainment. They fought with the government ways to easily come up with these open-air theatres which were in line with the renaissance culture of amphitheaters.

Music was a later inclusion into the performances; it was never used during the early days of Newington Butts Elizabethan Theatre. The performances were truly based keeping in mind the early style.

Newington Butts Elizabethan Theater

So comedies and tragedies started gaining much importance. It can be seen from records that Shakespeare has not only written playwrights but also have acted in a few. Newington Butts Elizabethan Theatre located on the archery grounds is today nothing more than a children’s playground with a few rubber molds here and there just to remind people of the history.

Having the capacity of almost 3000 people Newington Butts Elizabethan Theatre established itself as one of the 12 most important Elizabethan Theatres. It was no more in use from 1599.

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