Samuel Bellamy Famous English Pirate Black Bellamy:sailor’s life and Death

Samuel Bellamy was also known as ‘Black Bellamy’. It is said that Samuel was a young English sailor who went on a voyage throughout the world to hunt for his wealth.

Samuel Bellamy Famous Pirate

It is also believed that for this journey of Samuel, he found a rich man who was willing to pay for his expenses. However, all his attempts to find the treasure failed and Samuel came back home as a disappointed man.

Samuel Bellamy
Samuel Bellamy

He brought along with him his wife, whom he had met during his expedition. Bellamy was not particularly happy with his life and so he left his wife and children to again sail the seas.

Benjamin Hornigold

Like many of the infamous pirates, Bellamy worked as a trainee with Benjamin Hornigold who had the repute of being kind to the prisoners. After Benjamin Hornigold was overthrown, Bellamy was voted as the captain. Samuel Bellamy went on to become a flourishing pirate, especially in the areas of West Indies.

Samuel Bellamy Famous Pirate
Samuel Bellamy

Bellamy would often amuse his crew by giving fancy speeches. He is also acknowledged as a pirate who was worried about the welfare of his prisoners. But he gave priority to the welfare and safety of his crew members. He was even known to have made efforts to keep harmony between his crew.

Samuel Bellamy Ship

In 1717, Samuel Bellamy died an untimely death when his convoy was hit by a powerful storm off Cape Cod, killing his crew and destroying his ship known as Whydah. It is believed that only two men managed to survive this tragedy.

One of the survivors was neither seen nor heard after his miraculous escape but the other man, Thomas Davis lived for a few years and was known to have told the locals of his adventures.

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