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Elizabethan Nobles

Elizabethan nobles had the good fortune of being a part of a most celebrated royal court. The Elizabethan era saw the development of the nobility like none other. The nobles were allowed many privileges and they took their status very seriously.

In the Elizabethan era a great many titles and posts were distributed as rewards to eminent families and personalities for services rendered or for some huge sums of donations. The nobles in the Elizabethan era were a powerful class and many nobles enjoyed royal patronages for their works and sometimes they were also incorporated in the royal court as courtiers.

Elizabethan Nobles

The nobles during Elizabethan era were very concerned about their status and were always conscious of their appearance. In fact they spent vats amount of money on clothes and jewellery to maintain the outward show of appearances. It is said that the Elizabethan nobility were a very economically privileged class.

Elizabethan Nobles

It is also true that education was also a very important status symbol. The higher class nobility sent their wards off to the very best schools, tutelages and colleges. The girls were sent to boarding that boasted of the most up-to-date form of education that the era demanded that a proper noblewoman should have.

Elizabethan Nobles

The nobles in Elizabethan era were a class that produced a vast amount of learned scholars and literary artists. They also produced well known painters and preachers. The noble class put a lot of pressure on education. Many scholars were funded by the court to pursue important researches.

Elizabethan Literature

It was also important for the nobles to have travelled a lot to enrich themselves culturally. They were often said to have conducted tours to different continents and foreign lands to develop their interests and have a thorough knowledge about different lands which they could then use in their pursuits.

The nobles had large estates to their names and collected revenues from these estates. They had to pay taxes to the government for their estates and they had to spend money to maintain their estates and the people in them. The nobleman was responsible for settling minor disputes in their estates and they also had to look after the people of various trades that helped their estates to function properly.

elizabethan era nobles

They also enjoyed various sports which continued their quest for a perfect high class image. There was hawking and hunting which were considered a veritable entertainment. The nobles married to maintain their status and class. It is common for them to marry in trade but more often than not they continued to marry in nobility.

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