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Importance of Family in England during Elizabethan Period,family life

Importance of Family in England during Elizabethan Era

Like any other nation, family in England during the Elizabethan times was regarded important in its role to society. These people believed that families were to become the models of the society. Family rules and children’s behavior were standardized and close-knit; most of them were based from Bible sections.

These Bible passages were full of explanations about the responsibility of the parents to raise their children in a proper manner. So are the responsibilities of children in obeisance to their parents incorporated in the passages.

Importance of Family in England during Elizabethan Era

Love in The Elizabethan Era

Love was not considered an important reason to marry, but they did recognize that love may come during married life. It was vital for parents, relatives, and other friends as mature individuals to always see the best for your interests. They were given the right to share what they think would be the best partner for you.

Arranged marriages were mostly between neighbors and friends, except for the case of the noble classes. But lower social classes were freer to take their stand in marriage matters. Wives were regarded as properties of husbands. Women were expected to get married and dependent on the males all her life.

Women’s Roles in the Elizabethan Era

Yet, some women were born to be stronger and independent than others. For the Elizabethan age, marriage meant being in full charge of your household. Marriage was also seen as a business for political and economic ends.

Children were also acknowledged as properties of the parents, so children were strictly commanded to respect them. But childbirth was regarded as a dangerous event at that time, making abortion a common case in Elizabethan community. They take herbs and other dangerous physical activity to lose the baby inside.

Importance of Family in England during Elizabethan Era

Widows were also handed down the right to own a property and take hold of businesses. She was entitled to have a share of 1/3 of the dead partner’s assets, less the bills of course. Re-marriage was still seen as a good move to secure the widow’s interests. But if she refused to marry, her relatives and friends were troubled for her, the fact that she might be taken advantage by some servants.

Like most women, men were expected to ask women for marriage. Marriage was a requirement to be able to take legal command of the household, to work in an ecclesiastical or public office, and to get involved in any position with civic duties. If widowed, he was also advised to remarry, most especially if he has children.

Importance of Family in England during Elizabethan Era

Importance of Family during Elizabethan Era

During the Elizabethan age, families in England considered sex as destiny because both women and men were expected to follow the duties and responsibilities toward each other. But one good thing was that they had acknowledged, too, of the fact that education was truly significant.

These led them to understanding the whole process of a genuine education and learning as well. As a whole, it was perceived to be very significant to have family ties that were close-knit and well-respected; and to regard house rules with proper obeisance.

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