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Elizabethan Era Clothing Styles of Different Classes

The people in the Elizabethan era were classified on the basis of their clothing. People in the Elizabethan era saw a division of labor class, on basis of the kind of clothing people usually wore. These laws are through the Hon’ble Queen Elizabeth, also called the Statutes Of Clothing. This was defining the social structure.

Woman’s Clothes in Elizabethan Era

Woman’s clothes in Elizabethan were more like coats and it was observed that they mostly had geometrical influence on their designs Quilting packing methods were used to make weaving, shape was preserved and stressed mostly on the shoulders and hips area.

Elizabethan Era Clothing Styles of Different Classes

Man’s clothes in Elizabethan Era

Men wore embroidered shirts with buttons down in the front. People belong to the top class also wore fine silk hat with a single feather. Wear shoes were always made by the high quality leather. Long, flow of their high hats were also increased about class of clothing worn in Elizabethan era.

Elizabethan Era Clothing Styles of Different Classes

Elizabethan Era Clothing Upper Class

The upper class used all kinds of fabrics. They mostly used velvet, silk, fur, even taffeta. Such exotic materials were imported from different places around the world. Bright colors robe very much sought during this phase, such bright colors were also expensive purchase. For instance.

The early depictions of Queen Elizabeth, they show her in dark red robe, this intense red is actually found only in the Mediterranean, the insects. Therefore, these kind of dyes were expensive purchase.

For people belonging to the lower strata of the social categorization wore clothes made from wool, sheepskin, even linen. such people are not allowed to wear materials in silk or even with velvet gift. The clothing in the Elizabethan observed people with gold and silver joy and even button gems. Snoods were also popular in Elizabethan era.

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