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Sir Walter Raleigh Famous Pirate during Elizabethan Era,His Arrest, Release

Sir Walter Raleigh: After this success, Walter got some piece of land which included the towns of Youghal and Lismore, making him one of the important landowners in Munster.

In 1584, Walter wanted to colonize in North America but this plan was unsuccessful. However, it gave way for new colonies to emerge. Sir Walter had also undertaken the task of going to Roanoke Island.

Sir Walter Raleigh2 Famous Pirate

However, not many ships could be sent as they were to be used in the Spanish Armada. The group of people that went to the Island was never found but when rescue teams reached there after a gap of three years.

The only visible clue was the word ‘Croatoan’ and the letters ‘Cro’ carved on one of the trees. Thus, what exactly happened there is still a mystery and the place is remembered as Lost Colony of Roanoke Island.

Sir Walter Raleigh and Queen Elizabeth

Sir Walter had certain Chapman to build him a ship and Walter named it Ark. However, since it was a norm that the ships should have the owner’s name, it was named as Ark Raleigh. In 1587, the ship was bought by the Crown and was again re-named as Ark Royal.

In 1592 the Queen had given Sir Walter several awards like Durham House and the estate of Sherborne. In 1588, Sir Walter was the Vice-Admiral of Devon while in 1593 he was elected a burgess of Mitchell, Cornwall. After his retirement, Walter stayed at his Sherborne estate and in 1594, finished building a house there.

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth

In 1596, he had received injuries while capturing Cadiz. He was the only person during the Elizabethan era who had been elected for three counties. Sir Walter had to face some issues in after the death of Elizabeth I.

He came to know about the betrayal of his agent at Sherborne and of his steward in Ireland. He also had to sell Munster to Robert Boyle for at a very reasonable rate. In 1618, Sir Walter was beheaded at Whitehall.

Sir Walter Raleigh Tobacco

He had been the reason for the bringing tobacco in England and after his death, a small box of tobacco was found in his cell and ‘It was my comfort in those miserable times’ was the sentence engraved on it. His head was presented to his wife his death and the body had been buried in a local church.

Walter Raleigh Tobacco
Walter Raleigh Tobacco

His wife had kept his head very carefully and would show it to those who came home. After her death, his head was kept with the tomb. However, there were many people who did not support his execution and this is the opinion of some people till date.

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