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King Henry VIII Quotes

There are some moments in history where a person’s deeds or words are recorded for posterity, they are either thought to be so heroic, or so profound that a record needs to be kept so that generations to come can understand the things that happened in their past.

In general the words and deeds of the masses go unrecorded, especially in Tudor times as there was little education amongst the common classes. However, the words and deeds of a figure such as the king were almost always placed in a written record to add to the glory of the king.

Henry VII Quotes about his wives

Some of the quotes of King Henry are more famous than the others. Some are so long winded that they can be a little difficult to understand, but some, especially those which relate to his many wives and marriages are very simple to understand. He is known to have remarked that his marriage to Catherine of Aragon had been “Blighted in the eyes of God”,

King Henry VIII Quotes

which simply means that he felt that he had been cursed never to receive the son out of the marriage that he so badly desired. As regards to Anne of Cleves he is recorded as saying to Thomas Cromwell “Thou hast sent me a Flanders Mare!” It clearly showed his unhappiness with the appearance of his new wife, comparing her looks to that of a horse.

King Henry VIII Famous Quotes

Some of the things that Henry wrote and said during his time as king are more famous than others. For example on the day of his wedding to Anne of Cleves his is recorded as saying to Cromwell; “My Lord, if it were not to satisfy the world, and my Realm. I would not do that which I do this day for none earthy thing.” Meaning that if there was any way he could get out of going through with the wedding he would.

He is known to have referred to Catherine Howard as a “Rose without a thorn”, meaning that she was faultless and beautiful; although he was blinded by love to see the true character of his wife. After the execution of Thomas Cromwell he is known to have said “On light pretexts, by false accusations, they made me put to death the most faithful servant I ever had.” Explaining that he knew Cromwell was innocent but the case made against him left him no choice but to sign the death warrant.

King Henry VIII Quotes on Time

One quote which really opens a window into the character of the king is one which mentions the passage of time. He says: “Of all losses, time is the most irrecuperable for it can never be redeemed.” Put quite simply you can never regain the time you have wasted. Perhaps this is a wish that he had been more careful in his choice of wives, or more careful in his jousting so he could have avoided his accident and kept in better health into his later years, we will never know.

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