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Young Henry VIII Life

Prince Henry was never destined to take to the throne, that was a position for which his older brother Arthur was destined. For Henry it was seemed proper that he should follow a religious life and was therefore never schooled in the ways of kingship like his brother.

Young Henry VIII

The young Henry VIII was a striking man, he was tall, handsome and well built. He was a keen athlete, enjoyed hunting, jousting and archery as well as wrestling and other forms of contact sports. He was also a keen musician and was known to play a number of instruments, being skilled in both musical composition as well as song writing.

Young Henry VIII Life

Henry was quite intellectual and was always keen to discus topics such as astronomy, mathematics and theology. He could also speak French as well as Latin and could also converse a little in both Spanish and Italian.

Henry VIII Young Life

Henry received a privileged education, being taught by a number of private tutors. In his youth he was known for being generous and kind a world away from how he was regarded in his later years, when the words ruthless and stubborn were more likely to be applied. Some traits he did have from youth though, as he was always known for having a hot temper, being quick to anger and keen to seek revenge if he felt he had been wronged in any way.

Henry was also something of a hypochondriac, constantly worried about illness and disease, which when you consider what happened to his brother Arthur is perfectly understandable. Losing a brother to an illness which struck swiftly and deadly is enough to make anyone wary of illness.

King Henry VIII Biography

The biography of Henry VIII shows that he was totally different in terms of behaviour and taste to that of his father Henry VII. While Henry VII had been miserly with his money, his son was more flamboyant and extravagant. Henry VIII loved finery and would spend a great deal of money on luxuries such as fine clothing, castles and pomp and pageantry. Young Henry was also keen on waging war, something which his father had taken steps to avoid.

The main target of his aggression was France and he would wage war despite the best efforts of his counsellors to talk him out of it. Any and all victories were used to bathe Henry in glory and keep the people of the land on his side. Henry was incredibly strong willed and if he saw something that he wanted he would move whatever obstacles were in his way to ensure that he got it.

This was not only true in terms of lands and titles, wealth and status, but also in love and marriage. He even went as far as changing the religion of the country in order to get what he wanted, namely a divorce from his first wife Catherine of Aragon who he married at just eighteen years of age.

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