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Whitehall Playhouse: If you are a student in art and literature, you should know that the Elizabethan era was basically the age for flowering stage of Renaissance in England. During the Elizabethan period, people started to think in new ways discarding the old and stereotyped conventionalities. This was a massive revolution in the mindsets of men.

Whitehall Playhouse Theatre

At that time, the renowned literary luminaries and philosophers were Francis Bacon, Thomas Dekker, John Donne, John Fletcher, John Ford, Ben Jonson, Thomas Kyd, Christopher Marlowe, Phillip Massinger, Thomas Middleton, John Milton, Sir Thomas More, Thomas Nashe, William Rowley, and William Shakespeare.

Whitehall Playhouse Theatre Elizabethan Period

The art and literature were influenced by this literary movement. The theatre halls were not out of such cultural impact. The Whitehall Playhouse Theatre bagged many accolades and awards due to splendid setting and decoration.

Playhouses Elizabethan Theatre

Besides, the Whitehall Playhouse Theatre became one of the major cultural hubs for entertaining people. Specifically, the upper class spent their leisure time by visiting this theatre hall to get amusement and satisfaction by watching the popular operas and cultural programs like drama.

The Whitehall Playhouse Theatre gave the golden opportunity to young performers for showcasing their artistic talents by acting in dramas. Queen Elizabeth, I was a patron of this playhouse.

Elizabethan Playhouse Theatre

This indoor theater hall was very expensive as honorable citizens like Queen Elizabeth I and her courtiers were present in this playhouse to supervise the troupe. The noble persons were invited to make the programs more attractive and bright.

As it was sumptuous, therefore the lower middle-class people were not found to gather at this theatre hall. In this connection, you can remember the name of the popular acting troupe, Paul’s Boys which performed marvelously at the Whitehall Theatre.

Elizabethan Theatre and Audience Summary

Whitehall Playhouse Theatre is a work of art as the architects put their full effort to design this beautiful architecture. This private indoor playhouse was open to all but only rich persons were found occupying the seats inside the theatre hall as the tickets were costly.

However, in return, the audience got comfort and coziness in performing dramas. 500 visitors could watch the entertainment programs at a time in this playhouse.

Whitehall Playhouse Theatre Elizabethan Period

The ambiance was excellent in this indoor theatre hall. Food and drinks were supplied to the audience who could get healthy and tasty foodstuff by paying the reasonable amount. The burnt candles were removed in between.

It was a marvelous experience for those who felt very excited to spend the evenings with much pleasure participating in cultural programs. The beauty of the sumptuous dress materials enticed the viewers. This playhouse helped many talented actors to prove their artistic potentiality by performing in different plays.

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