Jacobean Religion

At the time when King James I became the monarch, England had been suffering from religious turmoil. The religious conflict had continued since before the beginning of the Elizabethan period. This conflict was principally between the Protestants and the Catholics. However, the Jacobean people were extremely religious and God fearing.

They believed that everything was controlled by God and so they must behave properly so as not to anger the Gods. Mary, Queen of Scots had tried to restore the Catholic power in England. But when Elizabeth ascended, things changed. She was in favour of the Protestants. During her rule, Queen Elizabeth established the Church and became the Head of the Church.

Jacobean Religion

Jacobean Society

After her death, King James I was the Head of the Church. Towards the beginning of the Jacobean period, the Church became a dominant entity. Puritans played a crucial role in Jacobean society. By the time King James I came to power, the Protestants had become powerful and the Catholics became a minority group.

Jacobean Religion

The Catholics felt so much rage against the Protestant King and his Government that they plotted to attack the Parliament and dethrone the King. However, the plan was foiled at the last minute.

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