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Love and Romance in the Elizabethan Era

The Encyclopedia Britannica still maintains that “The long reign of Elizabeth I, 1558-1603, was England’s Golden Age…’Merry England,’ in love with life, expressed itself in music and literature, in architecture, and in adventurous seafaring.”

As the time grew closer, this time was observed to be holding the best and there was a sudden rush of creative energy in the courtroom of the Hon’ble Queen in the field of English Literature that is still counted among the best pieces of work in the world history.

Love and Romance in the Elizabethan Era

Love and Romance in the Elizabethan Era

Love was a very important part of people’s lives in the form of minor poems, the occasional ballad, such as s Drayton’s “Battle of Agincourt” and his “Ode to the Virginian Voyage,” this soon had the introduction to his first poems inspired by the New World. Even then love was still subject to literary rules, it was observed that to the modern world most of the Elizabethan lyrics as an artificial piece of work.

Religion, was simply one of the major things that people of this era possessed and it distincts itself from other people in the coming or the past generations. It was so a very important part of their lives that they were a group that was having complete faith in the church.

In fact, it was law that you had to be in church each week. The vast majority of churches are small in number. According to statistics this probably would not even hold the entire population that would have been obligated by law to attend church on a regular basis. This is a shocking statistic and just goes to show how much religion was a part of life during the Elizabethan era.

Love and Romance in the Elizabethan Era

Elizabethan Era Romance

Romance from its mere existence and from its significance was always holding a high momentum, as we can rightly see from the great literary works of the great scholars of that age.

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