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Jacobean Era

Jacobean Houses

King James I succeeded Queen Elizabeth as the monarch of England. It was very natural that the Jacobean era borrowed a lot of things from the Elizabethan era. In most of the Jacobean architecture or even furniture will have a striking resemblance of the glorious era that preceded it.

Jacobean Houses

Jacobean Architecture

Jacobean houses essentially comprised of elements like flat roofs, windows bay with mullioned windows, gables, long gallery, Tudor arches, etc. In most of the houses, the traditional entrance hall was built in such a way that it was perpendicular to the entrance of the building. Wooden staircases were also a crucial feature of the Jacobean houses.

Jacobean Houses

One distinct feature of the Jacobean architecture was the use of columns. During the Jacobean era, the French and Flemish architecture proved to be a vital source of influence. Some of houses like those of the royals, aristocrats, etc had courtyards which were beautifully decorated.

About Jacobean Houses

When we speak about houses, the flooring forms a significant part of the homes. In the Jacobean days, flooring of the house was made using wood. Oak, Ebony, Walnut, Hardwood were some of the commonly used materials. In order to avoid giving a dull look to the floorings, several flooring patterns were available for the people to choose from.

Jacobean Houses

Oak flooring was available in red and white. These colors really added a different theme to the house. Jacobean flooring was primarily dark and brown. The dark flooring pattern went well with the furniture of the house. Such flooring was easy to manage, but needed regular polishing and care.

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