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Most Famous Explorers List

Here information on most famous explorers and what they explored. Note that during those times, it is sometimes a bit tricky to look at pirates, privateers, explorers and tell them apart.

However, I have tried to split the list into two. This one focuses on aspects of exploration, whereas there is a separate list of Elizabethan pirates. This is not just British, Italian, Spanish explorers and pirates during Elizabethan times, but prior to and after the Elizabethan era as well. Perhaps the most famous explorer in the world- Christopher Columbus has been covered in some details as well.

List of Famous Explorers during Tudor times & Elizabethan era


You can start with Tudor Times Exploration of the World and Elizabethan Era Explorations and Voyages. If you are interested in knowing more about explorers from a particular country or area, see below.

European Explorers

Famous British Explorers

Famous Elizabethan Era Explorers

You can also read Elizabethan Explorers Timeline

Spanish Conquistadors

Women Explorers

Famous Polar Explorers

Famous Portuguese Explorers

Ferdinand Magellan

Christopher Columbus Famous Explorer during Elizabethan Period – Arguably the most famous of them all

Famous Elizabethan Era Ships

Vasco da Gama the Famous Explorer

Vasco Nunez De Balboa Biography
Jacques Cartier Famous French Explorer
Hernando de Soto Biography

Fray Marcos de Niza Italian Explorer
Elizabethan Age of Exploration
Sir Francis Drake: Explorer, Pirate and Politician
Lucas Vazquez de Ayllon
Richard Hawkins: famous English admiral, explorer and traveller

Sir Philip Sydney
Sir John Hawkins of Plymouth
Louis Joliet The Canadian explorer
Sir Humphrey Gilbert: Famous English Noblemen, Explorer
Juan de Onate Famous Spanish Discoverer, Explorer
Famous Italian Explorers
Pedro Alvares Cabral
Sir Martin Frobisher, His Explorations, Voyages, Discoveries
Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo Famous Explorer from Portugal
Gaspar and Miguel Corte
Giovanni da Verrazzano Italian Explorer
Bartholomeu Dias: Famous Portuguese Explorer
Martin Frobisher: Famous English Navigator, Explorer
Cabeza de Vaca Famous Elizabethan era Spanish Explorer
Sir Richard Greenville Elizabethan Era Sailor, Soldier and Explorer
Francisco Vasquez de Coronado Famous Spanish Explorer
Marco Polo one of greatest Travellers and Merchants from Italy
Sir Francis Drake: Explorer, Pirate and Politician of the Elizabeth era, biography
Sebastian Cabot Mapmaker for England
Samuel De Champlain: Famous French Explorer
Sir Philip Sydney prominent courtier
Hernando De Soto Spanish Explorer

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